Our 5 favorite stories from the #ONA15 Student Newsroom

With so many exciting components of Online News Association’s 2015 conference, it was easy to miss a session here or there while listening to another. Thankfully, 20 students chronicled every aspect of the conference so you can #FOMO no more.

Here are five student-produced stories we enjoyed reading.

  1. Will You Be ‘The Black’ Reporter? How do you ensure the stories from your community are told in a responsible way? How do you balance telling the story when you become part of the story? That’s what Tanzila Ahmed, Meredith Clark and Sharis Delgadillo talked about in a panel moderated by Dexter Thomas Jr. and Tracie Powell Thursday. Recent headlines involving Ahmed Mohammed and Sandra Bland were brought to the attention of mainstream media through social media. Their influence was discussed in a story written by our Vice President Kendall Trammell. Read more of her stories here.
  2. Keynote: To Trust Google or Not? Trust issues with the news? You’re not alone. In an open and honest session with Richard Gingras, he talked about the increased efforts Google News has taken to ensure the most trustworthy and credible news sources are presented for consumers. In a story written by Sneha Antony, he said “the objective isn’t about how we improve the quality of journalism. It is how do we make sure that the quality of journalism that is there is understood to be just that.”
  3. This story is a failure (so bake a cake) In an increasingly digital age, we all need a gentle reminder every now and then that we’re human. In a panel titled “Fail Fest 2015: I Failed, It Sucked, But Here’s How I Bounced Back,” three journalists spoke about what they learned from their biggest errors. According to a story written by Katy Mersmann, baking a cake before pitching a story idea can help settle your editors. If it doesn’t work, at least you still have cake.
  4. Newsroom silence: What journalists don’t discuss at work The thing many journalists keep to themselves is often what eats at them the most: work-related stress. In a story written by Genevieve Scarano about an ONA15 Table Talk, journalists discussed how the anxieties of the industry can take a toll on their mental health and productivity in the office. One potential solution? Newsroom sponsored wellness programs.
  5. When Did You Know You Would Become a Journalist? This video produced by Sneha Antony and Shuyao Chen gives us all the right feels. From driving by a newspaper office in London to demanding details about a fatal accident in Iran, five professional journalists reminisce on the moment they realized they were meant to go into the mass communication industry.

Read more from the student journalists here.

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